40" x 40"                   oil on deep-sided canvas


"Drifting Away"

              30" x 40"           oil on deep-sided canvas

Collection of Caldwell Shine

"Dink and Barbara"

( a mid-century dip )

24" x 24"          oil on panel

"New Year's Day Plunge 2017"

14" x 19"          oil on panel

Collection of Elizabeth Reid

"Girls Just Want to Have Fun!"

18" x 24"          oil on canvas

"A Flip'nDip"

        17" x 17"          oil on canvas

Private Collection

"Be The Wave ( Weatherly)"

13" x 13"           oil on panel

Collection of Holly & Harvey Giblin

"Low Tide"

    16" x 20"          oil on board

Collection of Michael Harlan

"Holding His Breath!"

             16" x 20"          oil on deep-sided canvas

"Long Beach"

11.5" x 36"          oil on board

"Sea I"

       8" x 8"          oil on panel

Collection of Linda McCalla

"Sea II"

        8" x 8"          oil on panel

"Wave Haiku"

         12" x 12"          oil on canvas

Collection of Monica Spencer

"Searching for Seashells"

6.5" x 4.5"          oil on canvas

Collection of Melanie Johnston

"Moon Over the Gulf, P.A."

11" x 13"          oil on panel

Private Collection

"Russell & Shirley"

                  20" x 16"          oil on deep-sided canvas

Collection of Lenore Avant

"The World Is Your Oyster!"

   16" x 20"          oil on canvas

Collection of Caldwell Shine

"Stevie Ray's Dream"

         20" x 24"          acrylic on canvas

"Yellow Butte"

     16" x 20"          oil on panel

"Study in Green & Red I & II"

Pair of 10.5" x 13.5"          acrylic on canvas

Private Collection

"4 Seasons"

               Diptych          2-18" x 24" deep-sided canvas

"Bird's Eye View, Zilker Park"

          17" x 17"          acrylic on panel assemblage

"Study in Blue and Ochre"

             12" x 12"          acrylic on deep-sided canvas

"Study in Fall Tones"

11" x 14"          oil on panel

"Bubble Gum"

                 8" x 11"        acrylic on framed canvas

Collection of JoeAnn Wright

"Gaining Some Perspective"

11.5" x 11.5"          oil on canvas

"Horace Caldwell Pier, P.A."

16" x 20"          oil on paper

Collection of Melanie Johnston

"Chapel in the Dunes, P.A."

8" x 10"          oil on panel

Collection of Elizabeth Reid

"Marker 38, P.A".

12" x 16"          oil on canvas

"Houses in the Dunes, P.A."

8" x 11"          oil on canvas

Private Collection

"Greenhouse Effect"

19.5" x 36"          acrylic on panel

"Infinity Images"

19.5" x 36"          acrylic on panel

"Pods of Invention"

19.5" x 36"          acrylic on panel

"Come Into My Web, Said the...

10.5" x 13.5"           oil on panel

"El Matador"

10.5" x 13.5"        acrylic on canvas

"Blue Eyes in Red"

11" x 11"          acrylic on canvas

"Green Eyes"

         7.5 x 9.5"          acrylic on canvas

Collection of Adam Arasteh

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"Bewitched, Bothered, and Bewildered"

11" x 14"          oil on canvas

"Chapel in the Dunes", Late Fall Port Aransas          

oil on canvas          18" x 24"

Collection of Bick Brown